SQL Saturday #421 (Columbus, OH) Summary

SQL Saturday #421 was an excellent event. The Columbus session was held at a new venue.  I think the venue is better than the previous one.  All the rooms had desks which was nice for taking notes.  The rooms didn’t feel as  cramped even when they were standing room only.

Here are my takeaways:

  • There are stats changes in SQL 2012+.  Re-collecting stats will not necessarily invalidate the query plan. 
  • When virtualizing SQL Server, less is more when it comes to virtual CPUS.  Virtual CPU != physical CPU core. Understand NUMA nodes on the host hardware.
  • The SSAS tabular model is appropriate for small to medium size data sets.  Don’t use it for anything more than will fit in memory on the SSAS host. 
  • Power View is sexy, great at maps and time series but has limitations on what can be customized.
  • Azure Machine Learning is SSAS predictive models taken to the next level.
  • Last but not least, Jason’s Deli makes pretty good sandwiches.

What sets SQL Saturday apart from other events is the fact that everyone wants to be there.  Everyone is dedicated enough to the SQL Server community to spend a Saturday to learn and get better. 

See you next year!

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