My First PASS SQL Summit

I just got back from my first PASS SQL Summit.  From talking with previous attendees I had high expectations.  As advertised it was a who’s who of the SQL Server Community.  There were 16 sessions running for 75 minutes at a time for 3 days straight.  There was the high profile keynote presentations the first two days.  Overall it was worth the investment in knowledge gained and connections made. 

For those who cannot afford to attend SQL Summit, don’t despair.  A SQL Saturday has similar content, albeit on a much smaller scale.  What a SQL Saturday doesn’t have is all the marquee names.  It also doesn’t have the flashy keynote presentations.  But beyond that they are remarkably similar.  The presentations are given by knowledgeable people passionate about technology.  The event is attended by people looking to improve their craft.  If you can make it to a Summit you should attend.  If not a local SQL Saturday or two is a nice substitute.

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