SQL Server Change Auditing

For many businesses, there is a requirement to log all production changes.   On the high end there are enterprise level products and on the opposite end the schema changes report in SSMS. But what about in between?

There is SQL Server product offering from NetWrix that everyone should be aware of.  It can monitor changes to tables, views, stored procedures, users etc.


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3 Responses to SQL Server Change Auditing

  1. Rob Lambert says:

    Merle, do you know what the limitation is of the freeware addition? Any idea what the full blown version costs?

    • Rob Lambert says:

      Actually I found a comparison chart on the website. The full version doesn’t look that expensive really, $620 per server..

  2. Alice says:

    Thanks for sharing this information related to audit sql server change through the third party software but I tried this LepideAuditor for SQL Server ( http://www.lepide.com/sql-server-audit/ ) which enables to track Who, What, When and Where information of all SQL server changes and get real time alerts on all changes.

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