SSIS Fuzzy Lookup Hangs

I ran into a problem where the Fuzzy Lookup transformation would hang when run from within BIDS. A command prompt window would open and close. It happened too fast to be able to read it.

The lookup involved two relatively small tables so I did not expect any performance issues.


I had set the Run64BitRuntime attribute to False to load an Excel spreadsheet.


It appears that the Fuzzy Lookup needs the Run64BitRuntime attribute set to true to complete successfully. When I changed the Run64bitRuntime attribute from False to True the package ran in a couple of seconds.

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3 Responses to SSIS Fuzzy Lookup Hangs

  1. mahesh says:

    Thanks for the post; I was going nuts over this.

  2. Dilli says:

    Many thanks.I got it working .

  3. Nian says:

    Great, thanks. I got exact same problem.

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