Connecting SSRS to Teradata

I have found that SSRS works quite well with Teradata.  Microsoft has a page on TechNet about using Teradata data sources.  I disagree with some of the directions and would like to see more detail on how to perform the set up.  Since I couldn’t find anything on the topic I decided to add this post to my blog.   Here is the link to the TechNet page:

I strongly disagree with the direction given in step 5 to connect using an IP address.  This almost always bad advice regardless of the database platform.  First, any IP address can and will change.  Second, Teradata systems are typically made up of multiple nodes each having its own IP address.  The SSRS traffic would all go to one node which could create problems and if that node was down the reports are dead in the water.  The Teradata administrator(s) can provide the system name to should be used in connection strings.

Step 1 – Download the .NET Data Provider for Teradata

The .NET Data Provider can be downloaded from  Download the Teradata Tools & Utilities (TTU).  Run setup.exe and select the .NET Data Provider for Teradata.


The .NET Data Provider must be installed on the on the SSRS server(s) where the reports will be hosted.  Consider installing SQL Assistant to provide a tool to verify/troubleshoot the connection to Teradata outside of SSRS.

Step 2 – Connect to Teradata

A Teradata connection string is very simple.  Just name the connection and set the data source name.  Add the appropriate Teradata username and password to the credentials and try the connection.


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