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How I fixed – JobOwner doesn’t have permissions to use proxy 1 for subsystem PowerShell

I encountered this pesky error when trying get a PowerShell script to run from SSIS.  It ran fine from PS.  I had defined a credential and a proxy so I thought I had the security settings correct.  Here is how … Continue reading

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Optimize SQL Backup/Restore with BUFFERCOUNT

I have noticed a 15% improvement in backup/restore times by setting BUFFERCOUNT=200.  Microsoft had to pick a default value that works in a majority of environments.  200 might not be the right value for your environment but it is definitely … Continue reading

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Mounting a Windows share (CIFS) from Red Hat Linux

This is a little off topic for this blog but I hope it will save somebody some time and research.  I needed to share DVD drive on a PC in order to install software on a Red Hat server for … Continue reading

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